Local Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Here is a series of videos from Michigan and USA, where practitioners share their understanding and experience:

Liz: "It Is Great to Come Together" Cheryl & Tim: "I Really Enjoy Meditation" Bobby "The Growth Was Exponential"

The answer is yes. Self-realization is a birth right and every human being is entitled to connecting with their spirit.

"This was a very beneficial meditation. I intend to attend the rest of the workshops and I'm sorry I didn't know about the group before yesterday. The links to a website with additional MP3's of guided meditations to download." - Brian E., Michigan

“ I always feel much more at peace with myself when I leave these meetings than when I arrived. My fellow members are welcoming and friendly and this method of meditiation is very easy to learn and do. Vic is a wonderful teacher:-) I eagerly look forward to each and every week and am sorely disappointed when I am unable to attend for whatever reason...I actually go through withdrawal!LOL:-) Peace, Mare ” — Michigan

There is a good balance between those with years of experience and newcomers and those inbetween. I sense respect and gentleness and acceptance overall. There are no stars, and no dominance- exactly what is needed to see the truth in the fact that we are our own guru.- Linda B., Michigan

“ We take many paths and many roads in our lifetime as we search for enlightenment. This meditation group helps us understand our body, chakras, where your blockages are, what to do to eliminate them and so much more. ” — Susan

It was a very positve experience. anyone wishing to explore mediation should attend a meeting — Robert M, Michigan

“wonderful! Thank you…” — “CB Head” Michigan

“ It is a perfect way to open your inner self to evolve, create, share and grow the soul for its ultimate purpose :) ”

“ A meeting of souls guiding the physical heart and mind step by step to our natural destination of enlightenment. ” — The Peace Clinic on Jun 9, 2010.

“ To get a better understanding of yourself, inner dynamics within your body and to meet other like-minded individuals. ” — Shelley Elliott on Feb 21, 2010.