Vibrations in Sahaja Yoga

Facilitators may put varying emphasis on the sensation of inner energy on the hands and top of the head. Here is some crucial guidance on this matter.

"Many of you are Sahaja Yogis and you have felt cool breeze from the very first day, and have been feeling it also. But there are so many still who don't even feel the cool breeze and they feel very funny about it and feel sort of guilty. Sometimes they feel of a low type or something wrong with them, that they don't feel the cool breeze. So one of the greatest worries for all of you should be that there are some people who are not feeling anything in their hands. They have been coming to Sahaja Yoga, have been religiously working it out, but they haven't been able to achieve the first experience of cool breeze For this there can be many, many reasons. Not one, but there can be many reasons. And without getting involved into these reasons, if you try to see within yourself, and if others who have felt it are compassionate and kind they can definitely help others."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 26 November 1982, extract from talk to Sahaja Yogis, Caxton Hall, London, UK.